Agile team facilitation involves helping teams collaborate effectively, deliver value, and improve continuously. But how can you master this skill and become a confident and competent agile team facilitator? Agile team leaders or aspiring team leaders with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice the art of facilitation in the context of team facilitation and coaching. Relevant roles include Agile Coaches and aspiring coaches, Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, and anyone with the desire to explore the power of facilitation.

Agile team facilitation

The path to this certification develops an appreciation for the art of facilitation as key to fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams. Certification holders will have an updated facilitator toolkit and practical experience leveraging these tools to facilitate specific agile practices towards successful team outcomes. Our training is designed by Certified Training from the Back of the Room Trainers using research-backed brain-based adult learning techniques. This two-day course is delivered by a highly qualified coach trainer with real-world experience of working in agile transformations and agile teams. To experience Agile transformation in the organization, Agile facilitation is very essential. However, the facilitator must implement the Agile facilitation in the right manner.

Facilitators Are Essential to Agile Teams

In tech, agility is about streamlining, finding the right product, and building it in the most nimble and flexible way possible. When we talk about business agility outside of tech, in the back office departments, we’re mainly talking about risk and human dynamics. agile team facilitator roles and responsibilities We’re asking ourselves, “How agile can we be given the constraints that we have? Our trainer Krishna was very energetic and knowledgeable on the the topic ICP-ATF. Lots of good discussion amongst the group and Krishna provided very useful feedback.

Agile team facilitation

Learn by doing
Facilitation cannot be taught in a traditional classroom setting alone. Because of this, we place a heavy emphasis on experiential learning. Design meetings that are engaging, purposeful, fun and get desired results every time. Design meetings that are
engaging, purposeful, fun and get desired results every time.

Agile Coaching

This starts with understanding the purpose and expected outcomes of the various team events. A flow must be created to achieve those goals and ensure participation. Becoming an Agile Team Facilitator requires a certain mindset to lead and serve the team. Learn the mindset required for the Agile Team Facilitator and gain an understanding of the paradigm shift that must occur to be successful in this collaborative environment. Understand how the Agile Team Facilitator is a role model for the team by exemplifying the Agile principles. Review the strategies required to be a servant leader and models for achieving self-awareness.

Agile team facilitation

Certificates are downloadable PDFs configured for uploading and sharing on LinkedIn. Many participants describe their experience in this course as transformational, seeing a new way of leading their teams. Ahmed Sidky, the Head of Business Agility at Riot Games and President of ICAgile, shares how leaders created training that fueled product innovation at Riot Games.

The learning and practicing on the go…

We’ve also made great use of the Breakout Rooms feature on Zoom to ensure all attendees will be able to interact with other classmates and their instructor using chat, audio or video. Leadership Tribe has invested in studio quality hardware to ensure the best possible audio and visual experience for our attendees. Excellent structure and delivery in a friendly and engaging environment.

Agile team facilitation

Build quality into products with key test engineering practices, techniques, and automation strategies. Learn foundational agile topics from a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach. Agile fundamentals is the starting point for professionals focused on software development and delivery (e.g., product ownership, DevOps).

Our trainer Krishna was very energetic…

Learn the art of facilitation to foster collaboration and enable self-organizing teams. Including techniques to improve the way you listen, facilitate meetings and help your client become more effective. Look at the class schedule on the events page to find the right times and date. During our 3,5 hour online live conference we work towards our goal which is accompanying you to becoming a Certified Agile Team Facilitator. This course will contribute 14 PMI® Professional Development Units (PDUs) towards your chosen certification (7 leadership hours and 7 technical hours). It’s normal and expected for disagreement to arise when a group of passionate people gets together on a topic.

Develop and implement a “marketing to serve” approach that aligns directly with organizational strategy. All of our accredited courses will cover the necessary learning objectives needed to qualify for certification. The journey for the ICP-CAT lead me to think more on enterprise level and how to become an effective coach using the tools.

Techniques and Training for Top Scrum Facilitation Skills

The benefit of having an Agile facilitator is to help address issues that affect productivity and improve how the team works together. Because an Agile team facilitator can work with multiple teams at once, this role can result in considerable improvement across the entire organization. An Agile team facilitator needs to have extensive knowledge of employee and workplace behavior; having a background in occupational or organizational psychology can be especially helpful. Agile team facilitators also need to have strong interpersonal skills. They often work closely with individuals to determine their strengths and weaknesses and alleviate individual pain points with an end goal of helping the team function better together.

  • Marsha Acker is the founder of TeamCatapult and the author of The Art & Science of Facilitation.
  • This course is a fast-paced, deep dive into both the mindset and skills of facilitation in the context of agile practices.
  • There are many ways to learn the basics of agile and facilitation, such as reading books, blogs, podcasts, or taking online courses.
  • Learn foundational agile topics from a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach.
  • Ethical questions have always been part of the agile coaching profession, but there hasn’t always been clear guidance or governance around ethics in agile coaching.
  • Provide the learner with planning tools and techniques to identify the purpose and intended outcomes of the meeting in collaboration with the meeting sponsor(s) such as developers, product owners, or business analysts.

Provide the learner with planning tools and techniques to identify the purpose and intended outcomes of the meeting in collaboration with the meeting sponsor(s) such as developers, product owners, or business analysts. Leading teams to higher levels of maturity requires the ability to plan and conduct effective team meetings to ensure the team is working collaboratively. In an Agile environment, the team depends on the facilitation skills of the Agile Team Facilitator to lead the team to higher levels of performance. Build the key skills needed to lead and effectively facilitate, coach, mentor, and teach agile teams.


You are put to work immediately and start learning by doing and experimenting with the tools explained and modeled by your peers and your ICAgile Accredited trainer. Learn how collaborative workshops can be planned, organised and run; and how each team member can contribute to achieving maximum effectiveness – while identifying potential pitfalls and how to avoid and address them. This program will also help you learn about your role in building capability across the wider team.

When, Why and How Facilitation Skills Help Scrum Teams –

When, Why and How Facilitation Skills Help Scrum Teams.

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